Pricing to suit your needs

User license Manager Owner Team
Price per user per month
Annual subscription (up to 15% benefit) 27 USD 24 USD 9 USD
Monthly subscription 32 USD 28 USD 10 USD
Users Minimum 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 5 GB per user
Project Management
Full access to all projects
Manage project settings
Eligible for project ownership
Manage systems, tasks, Gantt chart Read only
Manage contexts, issues, action items, meetings, Kanban board Read only
Eligible for project assignments
View resource allocations across all projects
View documents across all projects
View global projects schedule
View contexts across all projects
Time Tracking
Log time on project activities and non project activities
Eligible to check timesheet compliance
Eligible to export timesheets
Administrative Roles
Eligible to manage billing
Eligible to manage HR & Financials
Eligible to manage import/export & authentication settings