Skill and Seniority Classifications: Workforce Management Redefined with ProjectContexts 

It’s no secret that to have success with project management, effective employee management is paramount. ProjectContexts introduces an innovative feature – an Employee Skills Classification table and a Seniority Classification – reflecting how organizations optimize their workforce. 

1. Employee Management Made Seamless 

Whether you’re adding employees manually or via CSV import, ProjectContexts streamlines the process. However, before assigning a role, a license must be assigned to the employee (See Figure 1). This ensures a secure and structured approach to workforce management. 

Figure 1: Employee Properties

2. Customizable Admin Roles 

Tailor your employee administration roles as needed (See Figure 2). ProjectContexts empowers you to customize functions by setting permissions for these roles (See Figure 3), giving you control over who accesses what within your organizational hierarchy. 

Figure 2: Admin Roles Assigned to Employees
Figure 3: Defining Admin Permissions 

3. Employee Skills and Seniority Classifications at Your Fingertips 

At the corporate level, set and manage employee skills classifications (Figure 4) and seniority classifications (Figure 5). This strategic feature enhances workforce planning and allocation. 

Figure 4: Skills Classifications 
Figure 5: Employee Seniority Levels

4. Precision in Standard Labour Costs 

Define labor costs by period with ProjectContexts (See Figure 6). These standard costs play a pivotal role in cash flow reports, cost reports, revenue models, and more. 

Figure 6: Standard Labor Costs

5. Insightful Reports for Informed Decision-Making 

Navigate through comprehensive reports effortlessly. Explore Cash Flow Reports (Figure 7), Assignment Reports (Figure 8), and gain insights into employees with specific skill levels (Figure 9) or seniority levels (Figure 10). 

Figure 7: Cash Flow Report
Figure 8: Employee Assignments to Projects
Figure 9: Employees with a Specific Skill Level
Figure 10: Employees with a Specific Seniority Level

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