Team Ownership: Eliminate Micromanaging and Empower Your Teams

Traditional Project Management and Micro-Management

In traditional project management, the assignment of tasks often leads to complex hierarchies and potential friction. Figure 1 illustrates the micro-management challenges that arise when multiple assignees are involved in a task.

Figure 1: Micro-management in traditional Project Management structure

ProjectContexts’ Management: The Ownership Paradigm

Enter ProjectContexts, where each element – be it a project, system, or task – has a single owner among all assignees. This unique ownership concept serves multiple purposes, as highlighted below:

  • Big Picture Overview: Provides project managers with a comprehensive view of the project while minimizing the need for micro-management.
  • Individual Management Styles: Allows program managers to exercise their unique management styles within the corporate setting.
  • Leadership Development: Instills leadership and management skills in employees.
Figure 2: ProjectContexts Project Management Structure. Note: By default, the Project Manager is the owner of all elements.

Dynamic Hierarchy

ProjectContexts introduces a dynamic hierarchy where a Task Owner (TO) reports to a System Owner (SO) according to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The Project Manager serves as the Project Owner, and a higher-order owner can assign ownership to lower-order elements. This dynamic hierarchy minimizes the need for constant micro-management.

Figure 3: Dynamic Hierarchy

Dynamic Hierarchy in a Context Environment

The dynamic hierarchy extends to the context environment, creating a flexible structure that adapts to different scenarios.

Figure 4: Dynamic Hierarchy in a Context Environment

Ownership in Other Project Management Elements

The ownership concept in ProjectContexts isn’t limited to tasks alone; it extends to other project management elements like Supplier and Customer contracts and meetings.

Empower Your Team with ProjectContexts

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